Environmental Commitment


We Do Things That No One Else in the Industry Can

The advantages of the investment cast process include consistently accurate casting of complex designs and minimal machining and finishing required on castings, thus drastically reducing the amount of scrap produced. Also, we incorporate environmentally friendly processes everywhere from water usage to reducing the amount of air pollutants emitted (e.g. wax is removed using pressure and steam, not chemicals).

NOBILUS owns its own foundry, giving it complete control over the processes used, allowing the company to proudly demonstrate its environmental efforts. Additionally, we manage the entire process from design and engineering to the shipment of our products under controlled and exclusive ownership.

We Recycle

All water used in the manufacturing process is filtered and recycled within a closed-loop system so there is no water waste. Metal shavings from the machining processes are collected and recycled. The wax from the casting process is reclaimed and recycled. All after-cast ceramic materials can be recycled for after-market uses.