Our Process


Perfection is in the Process

It's called investment casting, or the lost wax process, and in the hands of highly skilled artisans, it’s the only way to create true perfection. Once the original is transferred to a precisely exacting wax mold, the wax is then replaced by the finest grade, molten metals to perfectly conform to every detail of even the most complex design.

Flexibility in design, consistency and perfection are the hallmarks of investment casting and they’re the key elements in giving NOBILUS its renowned reputation.

NOBILUS is the only major manufacturer of bronze and stainless steel door hardware using the investment cast process for its entire product line.

Metals & Patinas

Classic hardware that stands the test of time starts with the finest of materials. Such is the case with both our bronze and stainless steel finishes. Known as “living finishes”, each meticulously hand-crafted bronze piece starts out stunningly beautiful and improves from there, aging gracefully and uniquely over the years. Conversely, the timeless beauty of our stainless steel finishes lasts a lifetime, retaining the original appeal of each piece and remaining true to their original state for generations.

We can also custom-cast any piece in the alloy of your choice.

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